Breaking: Mayor Durkan proposes minuscule cuts to SPD budget

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Breaking: On Tuesday, Mayor Durkan ignored the demands of multiple community groups for a 50% cut to the Seattle police budget and instead proposed taking just a tiny 5%. The community has demanded that $200 million from the police budget be reinvested in our communities in order to make our communities safer.

Click here to tell Mayor Durkan: A 5% cut is not good enough.

A budget is a moral document: it signals our priorities as a city. Seattle has a $400 million budget deficit this year, yet the Mayor is only proposing $20 million in cuts to the police budget. Rather than defunding the police, Mayor Durkan is instead proposing that we defund our libraries, preschool, transit, parks, and other services that our communities rely on and which make our city a great place to live. You can read Mayor Durkan’s insulting proposal at Crosscut.

Now is not the time to protect the police budget while taking a hatchet to social services. Now is not the time to attack our vulnerable communities. Now is the time for the mayor to listen and lead.

But, Mayor Durkan isn’t listening to us. And if she’s not going to listen, she should resign or be removed from office.

Click here to email, call, or tweet Mayor Jenny Durkan to demand she Defund SPD by at least 50%, meet the community demands to reinvest in community health programs, and to release all protesters. 

Join more than 15,500 people who want to remove Seattle Mayor Durkan: or Text BYEJENNY to 55-444
Sign the call to Defund Seattle Police Department: 

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