Resign Durkan logo. Text is "Resign Durkan" with a pink umbrella superimposed with a protester raising their fist.

Who has signed?

You can see the list of local community leaders at https://tinyurl.com/ResignDurkanLetter.
The full list of signatures is at https://tinyurl.com/ResignDurkanSignatures.

How can we stay in informed?

Who are you?

We’re a group of Democrats in the 43rd and 36th Legislative District leadership (mostly!). Mayor Jenny Durkan was elected by Democrats, and we feel obligated as Democrats to address her failure both to protect protesters from violence caused by the Seattle Police Department and to respond to the demands of protesters and Black-led community groups to defund the Seattle Police Department, invest in Black communities, and release all protesters. (For full details, read our letter to the Mayor and Seattle City Council.)

Just like it is the responsibility of white people to address the systemic racism we created and benefit from, we also believe allies should do the work to keep political pressure on a mayor elected mostly by Democrats. Our group is in consultation with multiple Black organizers who are leading the charge to defund SPD and build a Seattle where Black lives matter. We fully support the call by leaders in the Black Community, centered in COVID-19 Mutual Aid Seattle, to Defund Seattle Police. (If you haven’t already, sign the demand at https://DecriminalizeSeattle.com.)

We do not view removing Mayor Durkan as our end goal. Rather, as she has demonstrated indifference at best and active opposition at worst to the goal of Defunding Seattle Police to protect Black lives by investing and expanding community safety and well-being beyond policing, we feel her removal from office is a necessary first step towards achieving these goals.

Our organizing committee includes Amy Madden, Bradley Bell, Chase Cross, Chris Franco, Ellen Eades, Paul Chapman, Scott Alspach, Summer Stinson. Our logo is designed by JustJustan.com

Are you affiliated with any “Recall Mayor Jenny Durkan” Change.org petition?

No, we are not. A recall is another way to remove Mayor Durkan. We’re focused on demanding she resign or be removed by City Council.

Why must Mayor Durkan resign?

She has both willfully violated her duties as mayor and has committed multiple offenses involving moral turpitude. She has failed to stop the Seattle Police Department from engaging in violence against its residents. She failed to protect the safety of our communities, specifically our Black community, the homeless, and peaceful protesters. She violated the accepted standards of our community by excusing and defending the violence used against our families, friends, and neighbors.

She refuses to heed community demands to defund the police, to protect and expand investments to make our communities safe, and to not prosecute protesters.

What if she doesn’t resign?

Seattle Council must remove her by impeachment. 

How would Seattle City Council remove her?

An explanation of the process is given in Seattle City Council Insight. Basically, Seattle Council sends here notice of an impeachment hearing. Holds the hearing. And then at least councilmembers need to vote to remove. The Seattle Charter states:

  • The Mayor may be removed from office after a hearing, for any willful violation of duty, or for the commission of an offense involving moral turpitude, upon written notice from the City Council at least five days before the hearing. He or she shall have the right to be present, to the aid of counsel, to offer evidence and to be heard in his or her own behalf. Upon the affirmative vote of two-thirds of all the members of the City Council, acting as a court of impeachment, the office shall become vacant.

What happens after they remove her?

An explanation of the process is given in Seattle City Council Insight. The summary is that the Seattle Council President becomes mayor. The Council President can decline within five days, in which case the Seattle Council holds a vote amongst themselves to select the new mayor. And then the city council would vote for a replacement for the councilmember who became mayor. The Seattle Charter states:

  • MAYOR AND OTHER ELECTIVE OFFICES: If the office of Mayor shall become vacant, the President of the City Council shall become Mayor; provided, that said President may within five days of such vacancy decline the office of Mayor, in which event the City Council shall select one of its members to be Mayor in the manner provided for filling vacancies in other elective offices. If any other elective office shall become vacant, the City Council shall, within twenty days thereafter, proceed to select by ballot a person to fill such vacancy, who shall possess the qualifications required for election to such office; such selection to be effective only upon the affirmative vote of a majority of all members of the City Council. If any elective office shall not be filled within twenty days after it becomes vacant, the City Council shall meet and ballot at least once each day, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays, until such vacancy has been filled.
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