March to Demand Mayor Durkan Listen to Her Community

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Mayor Jenny Durkan says that Black Lives Matter, but her actions speak louder than her words, and she continues to ignore community demands. This Sunday June 28 at 5pm, join Katrina Johnson, Shaun Scott and Charleena Lyles’ family in a march from Magnuson Park to amplify Black voices and impacted families in the movement, and to again take community demands to Mayor Durkan. (Event details are on Facebook and below.)

For years, Mayor Durkan has betrayed families who have lost loved ones to the police, brutalized our neighbors with violent sweeps, and ignored the demands of our communities. She has refused to hold cops accountable. She refuses to Defund SPD and reinvest progressive revenue in the community. She has completely ignored the demand to not prosecute protesters.

If you can’t make Sunday’s march, here’s what else you can do this weekend to hold Mayor Durkan accountable for this violence.

  • Invest that money from SPD into BlPOC communities and community-based solutions AND identify and invest additional progressive revenue to prevent austerity and cuts to homeless services, health care, education, housing, transit, parks, and more. Support the Seattle City Council Members’ efforts to pass and implement progressive revenue — such as JumpStart Seattle, TaxAmazon, and a Seattle Capital Gains. See below for a sample email to send.
  • Immediately release protesters and don’t prosecute them: Use this form to email City Attorney Pete Holmes and King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg.

If Mayor Durkan can’t meet these demands from the community, then #JennyGottaGo.

Additional Details on March Sunday June 28

This family-friendly, peaceful march will stay on public property, and has an organized security plan including a bike brigade and peacekeepers.

The march will amplify the combined demands of Charleena Lyles’ family and Decriminalize Seattle:

  1. Drop the lawsuits.
    • Drop the lawsuits that seek to destroy King County’s inquest process (Renton, Federal Way, Kent, Auburn, and the King County Sheriff office).
    • Officer Jason Anderson and Steven McNew: Drop your lawsuit against King County prohibiting Charleena’s family from getting answers.
    • Please support the family’s email campaign:
  2. Defund the SPD by 50%.
  3. Reinvest the money in community-led health and safety systems.
  4. Release the protesters arrested during the uprising without charges.
  5. Mayor Durkan: Resign.

5:00pm Gather
6:00pm March
7:30pm March back together

Location: Magnuson Park baseball fields home plate, at the northeast-facing baseball field (near the cricket pitch). On Google Maps, search for Seattle cricket club home ground.

Email Mayor Durkan and City Council for New Progressive Revenue

Use the following draft email to send an email to Mayor Durkan and City Council to ask for new sources of progressive revenue. You can find contact information at

Mayor Durkan and City Councilmembers:

Even before COVID-19, Seattle had one of the most regressive tax systems in the state with the most regressive taxes in the country. Facing new budgetary realities with COVID, we need to fix our regressive tax system rather than adopting an austerity budget that will make the city less equitable and livable. In addition to defunding SPD by $200M and transferring that money into community health and safety programs, I urge you to pass CM Mosqueda’s JumpStart Seattle, CM Sawant/Morales’ TaxAmazon, and CM Lewis’s Capital Gains tax.

In solidarity,
The Resign Durkan Organizing Committee
To contact us, send email to
You can read Mayor Durkan’s insulting budget proposal at Crosscut.

Join more than 15,500 people who want to remove Seattle Mayor Durkan: or Text BYEJENNY to 55-444
Sign the call to Defund Seattle Police Department: 

Sign the letter

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