Sign on to Call for Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan to Resign

By signing this form you are joining over 15,500 others in signing on to the following statement and letter calling on Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan to resign. If you are a member of an organization which would be interested in signing on as a group, please use the form at

“To Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and Seattle City Councilmembers:

We, the undersigned, call on Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan to resign from office or the Seattle City Council to remove her for Mayor Durkan’s failure to stop the Seattle Police Department from engaging in violence against its residents; for her failure to protect the safety of our communities, specifically our Black community, the homeless, and peaceful protesters; and for violating the accepted standards of our community by excusing and defending the violence used against our families, friends, and neighbors. If Mayor Durkan refuses to resign, the Seattle City Council must remove her from office according to the provision of the City Charter. Her removal will enable her successor and the Seattle City Council to heed community demands to defund the police, to protect and expand investments to make our communities safe, and to not prosecute protesters.”

Full letter with longer explanation as to why Mayor Durkan’s resignation is necessary here:

To see the most up to date list of signatures go to:

We recommend that you additionally sign on in support of defunding the Seattle Police Department: https:/

This letter was initially organized by a group of Seattle Democratic Party leaders but is open to anyone willing to call for Mayor Durkan’s resignation. To reach the organizers please send an email to:

We are putting the pressure on Mayor Durkan to step down, but need to put additional pressure on the city council to call for her resignation. Please take 5 minutes to contact your council members using the call scripts on our website:

We will not sell or share your email or phone number with anyone and will only use it to contact you about opportunities to remove Mayor Durkan from office, Defund the Seattle Police Department, or otherwise advocate for the demands of the Black community and protesters for criminal justice reform.

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