Tell Seattle Council that Mayor Durkan’s retaliation is not acceptable

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Over the past week Mayor Durkan has continued her campaign of deflection and distraction rather than meeting community demands to defund SPD, invest in communities, and release all protesters. On Tuesday, Mayor Durkan retaliated against City Council, demanding they punish one of their own for speaking out against her.

It is more clear than ever Mayor Durkan is the primary obstacle to meeting community demands. As she has refused to lead us through this pivotal moment, we need our Seattle City Councilmembers to step up and take responsibility.

Click here to contact your Seattle City Councilmembers to ask that they call for Durkan to resign, and impeach her she doesn’t.

The community has come out strongly against Durkan’s deflections, distractions, and denials. More than 15,000 people have signed our petition calling on her to resign, along  with three Seattle council members and organizations such as UFCW 21, UAW 4121, Nickelsville, Real Change, and the 43rd District Democrats

In the last week:

  • Mayor Durkan “left off a 0” in her police budget proposal with a 5% cut rather than a 50% cut. She prefers to cut parks, libraries, preschool, transit, and essential services to defunding her violent police force.
  • On Saturday, Mayor Durkan again met with hand-selected individuals rather than engaging with the demands of the broad-based coalitions of King County Equity Now and Decriminalize Seattle representing the demands of the community.
  • On Sunday, hundreds of people marched to Mayor Durkan’s neighborhood to demand that she Defund SPD and resign.
  • On Tuesday, we learned that there was no credible threat against the East Precinct, despite the claims made by Chief Best and Mayor Durkan.
  • On Tuesday, Durkan responded by attacking the City Council, demanding they expel a councilmember who participated in a few of the month’s daily peaceful protests demanding that Durkan defund SPD.

Today, please take a few minutes to use our tool to contact your City Councilmembers to ask that they call for Durkan to resign, and to impeach her if not. Mayor Durkan has demonstrated she is unwilling to listen to the community, unwilling to Defund SPD, and unwilling to reinvest in Black communities.

Sample email to your Councilmember

Find your council member here.

Dear Seattle City Councilmembers:

On Tuesday, Mayor Jenny Durkan decided to continue her campaign to deflect criticism, distract from the demands of the community, and retaliate against anyone who rightly criticizes her lack of effective management of a city in crisis. By targeting one of your Council colleagues, she has made clear that she prefers to gaslight the people naming the problems, rather than listen to the many voices calling for us to stand together.

Jenny Durkan’s claim that protesters exercising their right to free speech in front of her house is “reckless disregard of the safety of my family and children” flies in the face of her indiscriminate use of tear gas in residential neighborhoods, her acceptance of pepper spraying a seven-year-old child, and her callous disregard for citizens with breathing impairments, the elderly, and infants. Again, she is deflecting the focus away from her own culpability in the police riots we have witnessed over the recent weeks. 

We call on you to stand together in a clear signal to Mayor Durkan that her divisiveness, gaslighting, and threats to your colleague will not keep you from doing the real work of leading this city forward. The Mayor has shown clearly that she is both incapable and actively hostile to doing so. She needs to resign or be impeached per Article 4.10 of the city charter.

Join more than 15,500 people who want to remove Seattle Mayor Durkan: or Text BYEJENNY to 55-444
Sign the call to Defund Seattle Police Department: 

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