Vote for Police Accountability Nov 2

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In 2020 tens of thousands joined our call for Mayor Jenny Durkan to resign and for the Seattle City Council to divert resources from the Seattle Police Department to programs that will actually promote public safety. Police Accountability is on the ballot, and we’re asking you to take action again today.

Ballots are due November 2. Please vote TODAY to elect

We recommend placing your ballot in a drop box if at all possible to ensure it is counted. (If you can’t, get it into the mail no later than Monday.)

Thanks to the work of Black, Brown, and Indigenous community leaders, and with thousands of protestors, organizations, and community organizers, we made progress on reducing the SPD budget and Jenny Durkan halted her bid for re-election.

Even without Durkan in the race, police accountability — and the outrageous police brutality of last summer — is on the ballot in this Seattle Election. The candidates for Mayor, City Attorney, and City Council could not be more different on the issues of how to center underrepresented communities and bring community safety to Seattle.

This election is going to be close, and it’s going to be decided by people like you who want to see a more equitable and safe Seattle for all of our residents. Real Estate moguls and rich Republicans have donated millions of dollars to keep the status quo: violent policing, skyrocketing housing costs, and low taxes for rich corporations. As a recent headline from the Stranger put it “The Same People Who Bought the Mayor in 2013 and 2017 Are Trying to Buy the Mayor in 2021.” Don’t let them buy this election!

Below are our recommendations for the candidates who will break with the failed policies of the Durkan administration, work to invest in our communities and ensure true public safety for everyone. Please take 10 minutes today to fill out your ballot and get it to the nearest drop box or into the mail by Monday to ensure it is postmarked by the Tuesday November 2 deadline.

Mayor: Lorena González

As City Council President, González has already started the process to cut Seattle Police’s bloated budget and reinvest those funds into community. She has committed to meaningful accountability for police, and will work to raise the progressive revenue and build the housing and services that a McKinsey study said were needed to finally address homelessness. Seattle can’t afford another four years of the failed policies supported by rich donors who supported Jenny Durkan and are funding PACs supporting Bruce Harrell; vote Lorena González today.

Read more about Lorena in The StrangerPubliColaThe Urbanist, and South Seattle Emerald.

City Attorney: Nicole Thomas-Kennedy

Nicole Thomas-Kennedy (NTK) will enforce renter and worker rights against pressure from corporate landlords and big business. She will protect progressive revenue, such as the recently passed Jumpstart Seattle package which will fund affordable housing, from lawsuits by the Seattle Chamber of Commerce. She has research-backed plans to reduce recidivism and crime and has pledged to create a victim’s compensation fund and to end the criminalization of poverty and disability. Thomas-Kennedy’s opponent, Ann Davison, has pledged a tough on crime approach, attended rallies in support of SPD, and ran for Lt. Governor as a Republican in 2020. Wealthy corporations and multimillionaires, including a big real estate executive and Trump’s biggest right-wing donor, have flooded this race with money to buy a city attorney’s office that won’t defend JumpStart and will take the side of the wealthy against having to pay their fair share. Fight back: Vote for Nicole Thomas-Kennedy.

Read more about Nicole in The StrangerPubliColaThe Urbanist, and South Seattle Emerald.

City Council Position #9: Nikkita Oliver

Many of you know Nikkita Oliver from their run for Mayor in 2017 and from their steadfast community leadership, including during 2020’s protests. As a council member, Oliver will be a powerful voice for underrepresented communities, increase renter protections, and will help build new housing to increase affordability equitably as Seattle continues to grow. They will ensure we fund proven community-safety programs to end SPD’s violence against communities of color. Vote for Nikkita Oliver.

Read more about Nikkita in The StrangerPubliColaThe Urbanist, and South Seattle Emerald.

City Council Position #8: Teresa Mosqueda

During her time on Seattle City Council Teresa Mosqueda has consistently shown up for workers, renters, families, and communities of color. She has taken a strong stance on police accountability and joined the front lines of the protests in 2020 to de-escalate the response from SPD. She spearheaded hazard pay for grocery workers during the pandemic and championed the Jumpstart Tax on large employers, which funds housing, family programs and more. Vote for Teresa Mosqueda.

Read more about Teresa in The StrangerPubliColaThe Urbanist, and South Seattle Emerald.


These elections will be very close and these candidates are counting on our support. So again, please vote today and take it to the nearest drop box or put it in the mail by Monday to ensure it is postmarked by the Tuesday November 2 deadline. Don’t forget to remind your friends and family to vote as well! . Your vote for community health and safety will help ensure we build a better and more equitable Seattle for everyone!

Thank you!

The Resign Durkan Committee

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